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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Has it really been that long... (SNAP HEAVY)

Since I posted anything? My goodness, time sure has flown by. Well, let's play catch-up then, shall we??

As you know, I headed out of town for Halloween. I spent the weekend in Birmingham and was able to enjoy an entire day shopping and having a great time with April Mechelle. She had already surprised me with a little Halloween RAK a few days before, so this gave me a chance to repay her kindness.
I love the Fall pin pillow, the fabby is sparkly and feels silky soft,
and the candy corn is long gone, LOL! Thanks so much for you kindness April!
We hit Patches and Stitches in Huntsville...awesome cross stitch and quilt shop. Then we stopped in at a little deli/café around the corner that had the best chicken salad sandwiches and veggie soup, yummy! They were kind enough to steer us to some nifty little antique stores, which we both enjoyed milling around in before we headed out to Maggie Moos for ice cream. We finally strolled back in around 7:00 laughing the whole way. April is such a wonderfully sweet friend, and such fun to talk to and visit with...Hi April! Here are some of the goodies I was able to snag...
Stash enhancement from
Patches and Stitches & Knots & Needles

Longaberger baskets, some antique lace,  and a prim Santa
The next day, I headed out to Louisiana to spend Halloween with my sweet Mara Jane...and what a great time we had! Unfortunately, my daughter (who joined us for the holiday) was sick, but she managed to get out and have fun trick-or-treating with us. Mara and her friend Forest "Bubba" had a great time and scammed tons of candy from people with their cuteness and manners, LOL! I was able to visit Knots & Needles in Bossier City and picked up a few things (they are in the stash pic above). Too soon, it was time to come back home.
Witch Flora and Bubba
Witch Flora and Meme

Witch Flora

Meme relaxin'
When I arrived back home, I was surprised with these little goodies that I had entered into the National Peanut Festival...I stitched the anniversary sampler for my parents and Michele stitched the stump work veggie wreath for me (I was too intimidated to try it, LOL).
Anniversary sampler

Vegetable wreath (stump work)
Since then, work has been extremely hectic and school has been kicking my hinney...but, I am finished with my mega-manual at work and my class is one posting away from being done. In between all of this, I have tried my best to get plenty of stitchin' in on a few things. I had barely started "The Needleworker" by's the progress around the middle of November.
"The Needleworker"
I finished it just before Thanksgiving and it is now waiting to be framed, which I hope to do this, I will be sure to share a snap of that in my next post!

I also had some sad news just before my boss was retiring! I was so bummed out, cos' he is an AWESOME person to know and work with. He has always been so supportive of me, with school and family, that I wanted to do something really special for, I finished this sweet design and had it framed in an old barn-wood style frame. He is an avid gunman and hunter, so I knew that he would love the design and he loves inspirational sayings, and this one surely fit the bill.
Retirement gift for MAJ Terry Brooks
I can't remember when these sweet smalls arrived back from Faye (finisher extraordinaire), but I just love them. These are the freebie reindeer that dear Sharon of Daffycat does every year. They are adorable and so quick and easy to stitch up. Faye made them into little pillows and added some Christmas red ric-rac and tiny jingle bells around their necks! Adorable, I tell ya'
Herd of reindeer
 Thanksgiving was a great celebration as Lynn & I hosted my daughter, SIL, son, DIL, Mara, and father for Thanksgiving Eve dinner...and, the girls cooked for me! It was wonderful to come home from work to some delicious smells that I hadn't lifted a finger toward, LOL! I then headed up to my dad's to share Thanksgiving lunch with my brother and his family...again, no cooking for me...woohoo! We shared lots of great leftover food, laughter, and stories around the campfire the next evening before saying goodbye as everyone headed back to their homes.
Thanksgiving table before the hoards descended!
The weekend after was a great time to relax and unwind from the holiday before heading back to work on Monday. Course, Saturday was a bit nerve-wracking, what with Florida-Florida State AND Alabama-Auburn both playing their rivalry games! Lord, I do love college football :-)
"On the road to a National Championship"
I took the time during the games to gather up quite a few Christmas designs for stitchin' and am making some steady headway with them, but those will have to wait for the next post as well.

Well, I think that just about does it for now. I will be back this weekend with another update and lots of stitchy snaps to share...oh, AND, my annual Holiday Basket of Cheer giveaway, so be sure to stick around folks! Until later...

Happy Stitchin'


Margaret said...

Oh my goodness! How do you do it all? And you work and you go to school. You are amazing. I love the family pics -- Mara is adorable! Glad you got to visit at both Halloween and Thanksgiving! So special! Love all your stash, all the stitching, everything!

Parsley said...

You are an inspiration for sure. Yummy stitching!
So glad you enjoyed some holiday fun with special people.

Linda said...

Great update Terri. Sounds you had a great time.


Chris said...

Great update Terri! So much beautiful stitching and wonderful new stash. I love your herd.

Chris said...

Great update Terri! So much beautiful stitching and wonderful new stash. I love your herd.

Farm Girl said...

What lovely work and what a busy time you have had. I enjoyed seeing all of your photos.
Have a wonderful time getting ready for Christmas. I bet you have some lovely patterns.

Brigitte said...

Oh my, you have been so busy. So much stitching and finishing, that's really amazing. Great pieces!
And a great day out with April. Love your new stash.
You seem to have had a lot of fun with your family over Halloween and Thanksgiving. Very nice family pictures.

Barb said...

What a great newsy post. Love Flora the Witch and her little companion! I go to Patches and Stitches every time I'm in Huntsville. You gave me ideas about the little cafe and antique shops. Plus, why did my family never tell me about the ice cream??!!

Lili said...


Love the baskets and the prim Santa! ;)
The anniversary sampler is gorgeous!!

Happy stitching!!

Annette-California said...

I'm so impressed with all that you do that you still find time to stitch. Congrats on Anniversary sampler - its beautiful. Love Needleworker too. How wonderful that your girls cooking Thanksgiving Meal for you and you got to have a campfire? How cool! love Annette

Carol said...

Nice to catch up with you, Terry--you are one busy lady!! Love the photo of the little green witch and you--adorable :) How wonderful it must be to be a grandma!!

Beautiful stitching--especially love Needleworker... Enjoy your countdown to Christmas!

Catherine said...

So nice to catch up on all that you have been doing! Busy, busy, busy!!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Nice post! Lots of fun and collecting. Congrats on ribbon placing - nice job. Have a great week, and hope you get all finished soon.

Maggee said...

When we have to catch up, it DOES tend to be picture heavy! But I enjoyed it all! Your deer pillows are very cutely finished! And the framed piece for your boss that is retiring was very nice! Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to seeing the ornaments you are working on! Hugs!

Anne said...

Wonderful catch up post Terry!! Great stash haul from your trip. I'm sure you'll put those baskets to work!! That stump work wreath is amazing and I can see why it won a prize. The gift you made your boss is so thoughtful and I'm sure it will be appreciated. Great header photo by the way!!

Anne said...

Oh...and the Needleworker stitching is beautiful too!

Anne said...

Oh...and the Needleworker stitching is beautiful too!

Kimmie said...

Go go go go!!! Love all the pics. Gives me a push to work on my stitches! LOL.

Congrats on your ribbon and all your projects!!!