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Monday, August 18, 2014

New Fabrics Available!!!!

This week's batch has been added to the page folks...hurry over and see what's up for grabs!!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fabric Update Monday

Been very busy today dyeing up a great batch of Fall fabrics...will get them uploaded to the page tomorrow...exhausted and body is screaming, LOL!  But, I think you are gonna love what came out of the dye baths today! Until later...

Happy Stitchin'

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Harvest Exchange 2014 Deadline Looming

Okay ladies and gents, we are getting down to the wire for the info sheet deadline...please return your completed sheets by midnight, tomorrow, Wednesday, August 13th!!! With the number of participants we have this year, I will need the whole two days to make the partner selections and email them out to you so you can get started!!

If you did not receive the info sheet or cannot find the email I sent out, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can send it to you :-)

Fabric is going fast, so be sure to pop over to the "dixiesamplar hand~dyed fabrics" page and see what's left...there are still a few really gorgeous pieces :-)

That's it for tonight...going back to my stitching chair to work on my commission piece...

Happy Stitchin'

Monday, August 11, 2014


Finally took some good pictures...wanted to represent the truest color possible! I went a little crazy this past weekend, as you will see :-) Hope you find something you like!!  Remember too, that any large cuts fo fabric can be cut in 1/2 upon request :-)

I will be adding more Aida and more of the higher linen counts in the next batch as well. Also plan to try some Halloween/Fall colors, maybe??!!

Thanks for taking time to see what I have on the chopping block, stitching friends...please make sure that you send me an email to PMs please!

Happy Stitchin'

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hand-dyed Fabric Update & Harvest Exchange Registration Deadline

Hi folks...looks like this week's fabric upload will be delayed until tomorrow...the weather is not cooperating with me and my photo-taking! Sorry for the inconvenience :-(

This is also the last call for this year's Harvest, if you have not registered to participate, please send me an email by midnight to be included.

If you have contacted me to join the exchange but I have not sent you an information sheet yet, please contact me via email as soon as possible so I can get one out to you.  For those who have sent their information sheet back, you should have received an acknowledgement email...if you have not, please let me know so I can make sure I haven't missed you :-)

We have 34 participants this far! So, this will be a bit tricky for me to keep track of all of you, LOL...please be patient with me as I try to keep everything organized.

Back to work,

Wednesday, August 6, 2014



Yep, yep,'s that time of year again!! Time for all the sweets smells of Fall to begin filling the air...time for pumpkins and gourds to begin appearing on porches and steps...and time for some serious Halloween/Fall stitching to commence!!

I do believe that this is our 5th Harvest Exchange let's make this one to remember :-)
We are already seeing record numbers of participants, and will quickly surpass previous years...that just means MORE fun!! I am sending out the info sheets for those who have already emailed me to register; so if you haven't gotten with me yet, hurry on over and do :-)  Registration will be open until midnight, Sunday, August 10th, with info sheets due back to me by Wednesday, August 13th. I will pick names and send partner info by midnight, Friday August 15th. I am trying to make sure to give you at least 6 weeks to make your handmade and gather your package goodies for mailing :-)

1. To keep everything fair and square, let’s work with a budget of $15-$20 (not including s/h); this way everyone receives an equitable package.

2. Include one handmade Halloween/Fall themed item…be creative. Of course, you may create as many items as you would like, but please include at least one handmade item.

3. Include other items in your exchange that are Halloween/Fall related (candy, fabric, threads, patterns, decorations, etc.) per your partner's wish list.

4. Include a Halloween/Fall card for the recipient; tell them about yourself and share your needlework sure to include your email address or personal page link, so they can acknowledge receipt/thank you for your package. I love to hear how other stitchers got started, what was their worst or best stitchin’ experience, etc…let’s use this opportunity to get to know each other!

5. Please have packages mailed to their recipient NLT Friday, September 26th for international addressees, and Tuesday, September 30th for stateside addressees.

The response to my hand-dyed fabric was amazing friends!! Thank you so much for all the wonderful support and good wishes...and a special thank you shout out to those who purchased or tried to purchase!! I will be dyeing up a batch of lovely pieces this weekend and will try to have them posted by Sunday keep checking back :-)
Have been able to get a few stitches in on the baby blanket and the sweet pug face, but not enough that you'd be able to tell, LOL! I did get my school business out of the way though...that was a huge relief!! Since it will be an independent study, I will have lots of free time to stitch over the next 9 excited about that too. It is a Chaucer class, so any one who is up on the old geyser, help a girl out, will ya!!
OH, before I is my sweet Mara Jane's 5th a HUGE BIRTHDAY SHOUT-OUT TO HER!! I love you pumpkin pie :-) and will be calling you in just a few minutes!!
Guess that's a wrap folks...hope you find some serious stitch ass time this week and stay safe! Until later...
Happy Stitchin'

Monday, August 4, 2014

Dixiesamplar Fabrics and Harvest Exchange Kickoff

Now Open for Business

What a busy week!! I have been working hard to update the blog with my stash 4 sale and my new business venture...dixiesamplar hand-dyed fabrics!!  Figured I was having so much fun with the dye pots and fabric that I might as well make some for y'all too, LOL.

You can find my stash and all the new over-dyed fabrics under the "Charts/Kits 4 Sale" and "Fabrics 4 Sale" pages (tabs at top of home page). It is as easy as picking what you like, sending me an email with the information under the photo, and I send you an invoice...Easy, Peasy!!  If you have any questions about an item/price, just send me an email. These are one~of~a~kind hand-dyed, over-dyed, what you see is what you get, and when they're gone, they're GONE! I will not be offering special orders of specific colors...I do not attempt to keep track of my dyeing process, because that is WAY too much like work, LOL!  The larger cuts listed can be cut in half upon request...the smaller cuts are "as is" sales. You can send your purchase request to me at dixiesamplar at yahoo dot com. So, pop on over to the new pages and see what's what!!

I've also been preparing for the 2014 Harvest Exchange kickoff! This is always such a fun and successful event, and we are hoping that this year will harvest a ton of fun for everyone :-) So, if you would like to join the festivities, be sure to send me an email: is open until midnight (CST) Sunday, August 10th!

Well, that's it for this evening folks...gotta head out and get some shut-eye! Until later...

Happy Stitchin'

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some Progress...Finally!

So, my summer vacation of stitching my fingers to the bone didn't quite work out the way I had hoped! Very little actual stitching was accomplished :-( I was so busy setting up, refining, and monitoring the new FB group, I failed to reach any of my goals...and now, school starts back in a little over a week. This week has been the first time that I have been able to sit in my stitching chair and get some real work done...

I am way overdue with this commission piece...this is the box topper that I am doing for a co-worker's granddaughter...
Mia (The Pug)

But, I plan to work on it for the next week until it is DONE! Then, I have to move on to this little lovely...

This sweet little baby blanket is for a co-worker's first child, a little girl named Millie Mae...she is such a doll and I need to have this ready by the time Erica comes back to work :-)

I did get Nan's (Threadwork Primitives) Civil War Needlebook kit stitched up, but I have yet to finish it...I am so frustrated with myself, can you tell? Need to snap out of this stitching funk!

I have been tyring to keep up with my reading of more than just FB groups though...this is a new Bible that I got a few weeks ago and just love it. It is chronological and has historical information to compare to what was happening during each biblical period. Really helps the reader understand what was going on in the world when the biblical action took place and shows the impact that Christianity has had on the world throughout time.

I have also been busy with my dye pots. Spent an evening dyeing fabric and threads last week, and I think this is the best batch so far...

I will be back this evening to add the names I've given them, LOL!

I have also been blessed with a recent blogging/stitching friend RAK...from my sweet friend Parsley...

Isn't it a lovely bag...and just in time for class to start back :-)  It has tons of compartments for all my pens, pencils, stapler, highlighter, glasses and large areas for my massive English Lit texts and notebooks. She mentioned me stitching something on the front panel, but I just don't know if I could mar the loveliness of the bag. Having lived in Hawaii and fallen in love with Hawaiian quilts, this bag's design reminds me of one and the blue color is my favorite. Thank you so much D...your generous spirit is a blessing to all who know you!

As you can see, I have not been as successful in meeting my goals as past summers :-( So, it's time to kick my own hiney and get at least finish what I've already started before class begins.

I will be back on Aug 1st to post the details for the 2014 Harvest Exchange, so stick around or check back soon! Until later...

Happy Stitchin'