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Monday, April 7, 2014

A Full Life (Snap Heavy)

Spring greetings all...hope this sweet April day finds you in a nice, sunny, warm spot with stitching in hand and birds chirping in the trees...while I slave away at a desk and computer, LOL!
The beginning of Spring brought lots of lovely goodies to my door...especially with my birthday just days after.

Michele (BFF) finished and presented me with my new stitching matches the scissors fob, pin pillow, stitcher's caddy, and wallet she and I made a few years ago. Now, when I go to a stitching event, I will be styling...and matching!
While she was visiting, we made a stash dash to a few shops in Huntsville and Decatur. I have been jonesing for some Spring/Easter designs, so I was able to pick up these little lovelies.

Hop Squared, Spring Alphabet, Chicks Special Edition
~Lizzie Kate~

French Country Rabbit, Birds & Berries, French Country Spring Basket
~JBW Designs~

Springs Eggs III, Hands to Work
~Homespun Elegance & LHN~
I was also pleasantly surprised to receive a package from April Mechelle...she gifted me with all this lovely Easter sweetness...

But this was the extra special gift inside...

So precious, and just look at that sweet little blue bird!!

Thank you for thinking of me April!! You are such a dear :-)

More goodies cam ein the mail as a result of the Spring/Easter Exchange I hosted once again. Stitchers are receiving their exchange packages now, and there are some super sweet photos to share...

First up are my own lovely goodies from Gabi...she stitched a sweet heart-shaped Easter ornie and an adorable little bluebird scissors fob (scissors not included). She also added some delicous German truffles; awesome fabrics, threads, buttons, and lace trim; a great little DMC pattern book of small stitching projects; and a darling German Easter card! I was so overwhelmed by her generosity and attention to my wish list. Thank you so much, Gabi...I love all of it and will treasure the sweet handemades for many years :-)
Spring/Easter Exchange 2014 from Gabi
Next, on behalf of Gabi (no blog), is this darling package from April Mechelle...

Here is Joanne's beautiful gathering of exchange goodies for Kathy (no blog)...
And this is from Annette to April K...awesome exchange package, isn't it?!

Hope to have more photos and links to share in the coming was another great exchange, and I am already excited to get started on the Haunted Halloween Exchange come September :-)

************SPECIAL NEWS FLASH**************
PRIM LOVERS: I started a FB group for stitchers and designers of primitive designs, and it is growing like gangbusters...with over 550 members already :-)! I am so pleased with its success. Everyone is so talented, supportive, and should see all the lovely finishes that people are sharing; tips and advice going back and forth; and the wonderful group freebies from our awesome designer members. If you want to get in on the fun, just click here and join's free, but very ADDICTIVE!!

I have been busy with my own stitching...while trying to keep up with all the wonderful prim posts on the FB group. Here is my latest finish...

I adapted a freebie by My Happy Memories to prim it up as a stitcher's caddy. This one is going to a special blogging friend who has been having a rough go of things lately...hope she likes it, and it gets a smile out of her :-). It was a joy to stitch and create, and definitely a finish I plan to use again in the future! And, of course, I filled it with lots of stitching bits and bobs!!
Peace freebie ~ My Happy Memories
Well, guess that's gonna have to do it for today...gotta head to class now! Until later...

Happy Stitchin'

Monday, March 24, 2014

Gone Too Long!


Hello blog, it sure has been a while since I last posted! Hope this finds everyone doing well :-)

Things have been extra busy at work, school, around the house, and in the studio...Spring is definitely in the air in these parts. Renovations are finally coming to an end; we should have the hardwood floors down this coming weekend...just in time for my 50th birthday! Oh yeah, forgot to mention that this is my 50th birthday month...which is unusual for me, so you know that I have been BUSY, LOL!

School is pretty intensive at the moment with essay exams coming up this week <<shivers in fear>>, especially since I haven't even cracked the books yet :-( Tomorrow, I promise...dedicating the entire day to nothing but essay writing.

Work is also a bit stressful, as I have three manuals going at once (two of which are 450+ pages each)!! My boss leaves in May and is set on getting EVERYTHING done before he leaves and the new boss comes him to death, but he is killing me :-) Oh well, at least I have a job that I love and keeps me hopping, right?

Home life is going grand. The babies are all doing great, and Sammi has settled in quite nicely. The girls LOVE him! Charlie, however,  still likes to intimidate him from time to time; but overall, they are all getting along well. I am not used to the amount of shedding he does though...Charlie's hair comes out in clumps, so it is easy to clean up; but, Sammi's comes out!! Lord have mercy, I feel like I am sweeping  or picking up hairballs every thirty minutes :-/

Regardless of how busy my everyday life is (or seems), I have been steadily creating as well. I stitched up some goodies for Valentine's and sent them out to Parsley and April Mechelle; the lovely Faye did the finishing on the heart pillow for me of course :-). I made the cube for, woohoo...I was pretty proud of myself too :-) I also found time to stitch up a Valentine freebie for the swirlyness.
Scrolled Heart freebie ~ Ms. T
32 count white linen with ?? VMSS thread
I was able to stitch up this cute freebie too. What a fun little stitch, and so quick to make I just have to get it finished into something equally sweet.
Bunny freebie ~ Journal des desmoiselles
32 count white linen with GAST Acorn and CC Deep Fennel

This is my new start...I have been wanting to stitch this for years and decided now was the time. Isn't he darling??!!
Easter Bunny ~ FTLoCS magazine
And that brings us to the Spring/Easter 2014 Exchange news. A few packages have already begun arriving at their destinations and pictures/links will be forthcoming for your viewing pleasure. Deadlines are also fast approaching, so we should have even more to ooooh and aaaah over soon :-)

Last, but not if I didn't already have enough to keep me busy...I started a Facebook stitching group! Yes, I guess I am a glutton for punishment, LOL...but, in my defense, it was a much needed venue. The Prim Stitchers Society showcases stitchers' prim finishes and the designers who fuel our obsession.  Nan of Threadwork Primitives even created a Prim freebie especially for the group...isn't it lovely?
Prim Stitchers Society freebie ~ Threadwork Primitives
But, you can only get it if you become a member...see how that works??!! So, if you are interested in checking things out, just hop over to the Prim Stitchers Society page on FB and click the "join group"'s that easy folks!

So, that's the news from lower Alabama folks...busy, busy, busssssssssssssssy :-) Next post will be all about my visit and birthday present from my BFF, Michele...stay tuned, you'll love it! Until later...

Happy Stitchin'

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring/Easter Exchange 2014 and a Wonderful Surprise

It's time for the annual Spring/Easter Exchange, so get your needles ready and let your creative imaginations run wild! I hope that you will join in the fun this year...the last few years have been many gorgeous creations and tons of stitchin' goodies and sweet treats to go with them. Here are the details:

1. Send me an email (dixiesamplar at yahoo dot com) to join the exchange by noon Friday, February 28th.

2. I will send you a short form to complete regarding your likes/dislikes and mailing info.

3. After I receive all the entries, I will randomly draw partners and send each person their exchange partner's information by midnight, Friday, February 28th.

4. Cost maximum is $15 to $20 (not including s/h)...please let me know if you prefer a stateside, international, or either exchange partner.

5. Please include a card with a note for your partner and, at least, one handmade item. The hand-mades can be any medium of your choosing; we simply ask that you keep your partner's wishes in mind. I am sure that they will LOVE whatever you create for them though...don't believe we have had anyone disappointed yet!

6. Shipping deadlines are March 25th (Tuesday) for international packages and March 31st (Monday) for stateside packages.

Spring/Easter Exchange 2014
 Now, for the surprise...look what came in the mail for me!
Project pouches by Vonna
(Sorry for the sideways snap)
I love them...and, they are patriotic!!! So perfect for me...thank you so much Vonna. I really didn't expect anything, but I am thankful for them and have already put them to good use. And I am thrilled that you can use the PS Santas I sent. Thank you again dear friend :-)

Other than that, it has been a beautifully slow and relaxing day for me, and I am hoping tomorrow is more of the same. Hope each of you has a wonderful weekend full of family, fun, and stitchin'...until later...

Happy Stitchin'

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Decisions, Decisions & a Finish

Man, these renos are taxing my brain, what with all the decisions about this and that. But, when I saw these on the clearance rack at Lowes for $1.91 each (regularly $14.95 each)...well, it was a no brainer...YES, I will take them all, kind Sir. There were 22 available, so I have more than enough with a bit extra for breakage, etc.
These beauties will now line the backsplash of both bathrooms; I used tan, black, and red in both so I wouldn't have to buy four or five different colored towels (smart, right?), so these colors go perfectly.

 I am also considering recovering my stitching recliner and found this at Hobby Lobby.

It is a faux leather that feels like butta' is a beautiful caramel color with hints of coppery gold and goes perfectly with the other furniture in the room. Just gotta make a final decision and get it over to Keith soon...hate the thought of being without my chair though; none of my others are as comfortable for stitching as this is.

Since the renos are on hold during the week (Greg has a full time job), I have been taking advantage of the quiet time to stitch a few things for some special friends. This was a freebie I found on Pinterest that just spoke to me...I immediately knew WHO this was for. I finally decided last night around 6:15 to try my hand at cube-making, so off to Hobby Lobby I went. By 7:30, I had completed this little finish...that's how easy it was peeps. I followed Vonna's tutorial, which was so easy, and I think it turned out super...hope my surprisee likes it.
"Love Tweet Love" ~ ????Designer unknown

I looked high and low for a "plume" topper...I wanted it to look like one of those exotic love birds from the Amazon forest, LOL! Of course, Hobby Lobby came to the rescue as is actually a hair clip and can be removed if my friend prefers a more understated look. I just loved it though and thought that it really finished off the piece perfectly. I named the birds George and Gracie...I just loved George Burns and his wife Gracie; and for some reason, that's who came to mind when I saw the design...weird, I know :-)

That's all for today folks...I gotta hit hte road for class. Hope you are able to find a cozy corner for some stitchin' yourself. I am working up the details for an Easter Exchange, so keep checking with me on that. Until later...

Happy Stitchin'

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine Sweets

Faye has done it again y'all!! Just look at these little beauties...

"Valentine" freebie ~ The Primitive Hare
"Valentine" freebie ~ Threadwork Primitives
"St. Valentine's Day" freebie ~ Appleseed Prim
 I just love all of it, but the diddie bag is one of my favorites. I made this last year for Lynn, so it is a special piece and one that will remain at home. I am a HUGE fan of Nan's designs; they are always so much fun to stitch.

See the faint detail stitching Faye added to mimic the trellis design in the golden fabric...GORGEOUS!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Faye...I am in awe of your lovely vision for my creations.

The Valentine pillow is another favorite that I plan to keep, while the pink & brown pillow is for a very special stitchin' & bloggin' friend...can't share who just yet, as it is a surprise. I will reveal that bit of news, along with two other surprises, once they have been received.

Renos are moving along quite nicely. We actually have a few drywalled walls up now and the ceiling is closed up more insulation raining down on me every time I open or shut a door :-(! I am trying to patient to see the final product, but it is becoming a bit wearisome to have everything out of place for the duration...thank God it's just me and the babies in the house; Lynn would be a nutcase if she was home during all of this chaos, LOL!!

Other than the usual work and school commitments, I continue to stitch and crochet pretty steadily...which is actually quite surprising, yet very welcome. And stopping in to read all of your lovely blogs sure helps the reno time fly by as well, even if I don't always leave you a comment.

Guess I better hidey-ho out of here for a lot to do and running out of time to get it all done. Until later...

Happy Stitchin'

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stash 4 Sale, Finish to Share, and a Sweet Valentine Treat!

Do you remember these?
Well, I have managed to hold onto my entire collection of For the Love of Cross Stitch magazines for years and many moves...but, I am finally ready to let them go to a new home where they will be caressed, cuddled, and pampered, uhmmm...used! You can read all about them on my "Stash 4 Sale" page (be patient though, as I am still trying to upload all the information). Guess it's out with the old, in with the new, as the saying goes!
And here is something new...

Needleworker ~ LHN
28-count Buttered-Pecan DS hand-dyed linen
kit included CC threads*
 (*exception:substituted VMSS "Paprika" for the CC "Red Currant" for the berries)

I love Diane's designs, but this one is by far my absolute favorite! And that frame is the perfect way to dress it up, donch'a think?
Last, but certainly not least, I received this sweet Valentine package from my dear friend Parsley...just look at all that wonderful heartfelt goodness! I loved the candy, of course...but, all the little hand-mades she included touched my heart. It could not have arrived at a more fortuitous time either as I have been living in chaos with home renovations, work overload, school assignments, and personal health/illness issues! So, this little surprise was a true delight that lifted me right out of my down-in-the-mouth slump...thank you so much my dear are a true blessing!
Valentine RAK from Parsley
House renos are coming along and pictures will be posted for your viewing pleasure in the coming weeks. Work and school are calming down now that the ice freak show has left the southerners just cain't deal with that stuff like you Yankees can, LOL! JK people...don't get your panties in a wad :-)
The health/illness issues are finally resolving themselves as well...I knew better than to sit around the house without a mask as the wall demo began :-(!! But, as usual, I ignored my spidey senses and ended up paying for it Monday and Tuesday with piercing head and eye pain, difficulty breathing, fever, nausea, and stomach-turning vertigo...damn sinuses!! Won't be doing that again this weekend...I am coming into work while the drywall goes up, LOL. Thanks for all the well wishes and healing prayers; they were greatly appreciated.
That's about it for this week...I am finishing up two Valentine surprises for friends and crocheting on the baby blanket still, so I hope to have those snaps to share soon. Never did get a start on my daughter's birthday surprise, so I guess it will continue to be a surprise, LOL. Until later...
Happy Stitchin'

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Addition and some Progress

We have a new addition to the family...say hello to my little friend!
He wandered up to my son-in-law last week, so Rachel promptly texted me a look and I was a goner, LOL! He is such a sweet natured little boy and loves to cuddle.

We took him right to the vet for the works, and he came home a whole new man...well, a whole new something anyway, LOL. The vet and I have determined that he has at least a smidgen of Maine Coon in him; we just aren't sure how much yet. He has the tufts in his ears, between his toes, and at his cheeks, but his tail is kinda scrawny...might be that he just hasn't grown into it yet or that he is a mix breed. Doesn't really matter, cos' we love him to pieces already!

Charlie still isn't thrilled with him being here, but the girls love him to death...

We bought a good sized kitty tree for both of them to enjoy, once they can stand to be around each other that is! Not sure if Charlie was enjoying it or the catnip bunny better.

In between the cat snarling and dog barking, I have been keeping busy with progress on the baby blanket...half way done and still enjoying the process.

This one may end up as a test project, since I found out that they are decorating in navy blue not light blue...we shall see.

Didn't get started on Rachel's b-day gift like I wanted, but I will do my best to get it done by her birthday. Dad has been at the house doing a few renovations for me, so I try to keep my stitching hidden from all the dust and debris.

School has been quiet as I have been out with health issues and a medical procedure...but, the good news is that I no longer have any ulcers! WOOHOO!!!! Praise God for that!

Not much else to share today...still working up the details for an Easter/Spring exchange and will be posting something in the coming weeks, hope you'll stay tuned. Until later...

Happy Stitchin'

Thursday, January 16, 2014


that's me being busy as a bee...with stitching and crocheting that is! I can't believe how much time I am actually able to spend this semester, or maybe it's just the calm before the storm of papers and tests...but, I'll take whatever I can get with needle and thread.

I am moving right along with  "Jannett Irving". As you can see, I am very nearly finished with the border area, and I can't wait to get to the gorgeous elements within the border!

"Jannett Irving" OOP
Jean Farrish-Hulls Needlework
I have set aside the African Flower throw so that I can concentrate on a baby gift for dear friend's of ours who are expecting their first child...a boy too! I found this lovely baby blanket design on Barbara Smith's blog "Made in K-Town" and fell in love with it. I hurried to Hobby Lobby, grabbed the colors I wanted to use, and got started. Barbara used a design she found on a Russian blog; Alena did a wonderful pictorial tutorial, which was good since the Russian didn't translate well enough to act as instructions...I had to study the pictures and figure it out from there, but that wasn't hard at all actually.

"Heart Knits" by Alena Rudneva
Yarn Bee Angel, Baby's Blue, and Mint Charm
I did not get to start my daughter's gift this past weekend like I wanted to...I was sick most of the weekend...this weather is wreaking havoc on my sinuses and migraine headaches! But, it is all kitted up at least, and I hope to begin it this weekend... keep your fingers crossed for me.

"Dear Daughter" ~ BBD
And this little lovely is going to be my "at work" project. Jennie Lynn sent this to me a few years ago, and I just love it. It looks so  dainty and pretty that I chose to use Belle Soie silks and Vintage Porcelain linen...can't wait to get my needle flying on this one...perfect for Valentine's Day.

"Rose Sampler" ~ Appleseed Prims
I am almost ready to host an exchange, probably an Easter/Spring, keep your eyelids peeled
for news in the next few weeks!

School is still moving along and work is keeping me busy as well, but I hope to manage plenty of stitching and blogging time when I can. Until later...

Happy Stitchin'