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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some Progress...Finally!

So, my summer vacation of stitching my fingers to the bone didn't quite work out the way I had hoped! Very little actual stitching was accomplished :-( I was so busy setting up, refining, and monitoring the new FB group, I failed to reach any of my goals...and now, school starts back in a little over a week. This week has been the first time that I have been able to sit in my stitching chair and get some real work done...

I am way overdue with this commission piece...this is the box topper that I am doing for a co-worker's granddaughter...
Mia (The Pug)

But, I plan to work on it for the next week until it is DONE! Then, I have to move on to this little lovely...

This sweet little baby blanket is for a co-worker's first child, a little girl named Millie Mae...she is such a doll and I need to have this ready by the time Erica comes back to work :-)

I did get Nan's (Threadwork Primitives) Civil War Needlebook kit stitched up, but I have yet to finish it...I am so frustrated with myself, can you tell? Need to snap out of this stitching funk!

I have been tyring to keep up with my reading of more than just FB groups though...this is a new Bible that I got a few weeks ago and just love it. It is chronological and has historical information to compare to what was happening during each biblical period. Really helps the reader understand what was going on in the world when the biblical action took place and shows the impact that Christianity has had on the world throughout time.

I have also been busy with my dye pots. Spent an evening dyeing fabric and threads last week, and I think this is the best batch so far...

I will be back this evening to add the names I've given them, LOL!

I have also been blessed with a recent blogging/stitching friend RAK...from my sweet friend Parsley...

Isn't it a lovely bag...and just in time for class to start back :-)  It has tons of compartments for all my pens, pencils, stapler, highlighter, glasses and large areas for my massive English Lit texts and notebooks. She mentioned me stitching something on the front panel, but I just don't know if I could mar the loveliness of the bag. Having lived in Hawaii and fallen in love with Hawaiian quilts, this bag's design reminds me of one and the blue color is my favorite. Thank you so much D...your generous spirit is a blessing to all who know you!

As you can see, I have not been as successful in meeting my goals as past summers :-( So, it's time to kick my own hiney and get at least finish what I've already started before class begins.

I will be back on Aug 1st to post the details for the 2014 Harvest Exchange, so stick around or check back soon! Until later...

Happy Stitchin'

Friday, July 25, 2014


I'm back...and I have pictures to share!!  Faye has done it yet again...but, she has surpassed even herself this time!! Aren't these spooktacular??

This is a sweet "Vintage Witch" freebie from The Little Stitcher...loved it so much, I stitched two, LOL!

This is a darling "Boo" freebie from La Contesse Point de Croix. I adore the finish on this one...perfect pin cushion for my Halloween stitchin'!

A few weekends ago, I got to spend the entire weekend at our apartment in Birmingham, all by myself :-)..a mini vacation of sorts! While I was up there, I also made plans to spend the day with my stitchin' buddy, April...and let me say, we had a blast!! We hit Michael's, Hobby Lobby, thrift shops, and antique shops; had an awesome Mexican lunch on the patio under a gorgeous old oak tree. Here are a few of the great finds of the day...

We headed to her house after all that shopping to spend some time in the, what a sweet stitchin' studio she has. She and her hubby had it decorated like a beach cottage with whitewashed wood plank walls, light and airy colors, and large windows that let in tons of is such a warm and inviting place. I also got to meet her hubby...what a wonderfully nice guy he is!! We had a great time talking...for nearly 4 hours, was very nice to meet two super sweet people and to have so much in common with them...felt like we had been friends forever. We ended up at Chili's for a very late dinner and more talking to round out an absolutely enjoyable and memorable day!! Thank you April and made me feel so welcome and like family :-) Can't wait to get together again soon!

Not only did we have a great visit, but as all stitchers do, we both brought gift bags for each can see what I brought her on her blog :-)... And here are the sweet things she brought for me...aren't they wonderful :-) I love them, April! Thank you so much my dear friend...
Love the handmade hare with the daisy tail...
April made the initial scissor fob and needle minder
using a reproduction monogram wax them!!

When I got back home, I had all this lovely stitchin' stash waiting for me...
Falling Star Primitives (3)
Quaker Study and fabric gift from sweet Ruthe!!

WTN&T, Stacy Nash, and PSS
Those black scissors are perfect for
the monogram wax seal scissor fob!

Little House Needleworks
The designs coming out this year are amazing...and I am finding more new prim designers every day with the prim group! We now have over 2,350 members...can you believe that?? I am still blown away by the response to this group...and the members are so awesomely talented. If you still haven't taken the plunge, stop on by and won't regret it :-)

Well, with my summer vacation quickly coming to an end, I find that I haven't achieved one thing I wanted to :-(, this weekend, it is my goal to finish the commission piece for my co-worker and the two baby blankets I need to send off before these kids start kindergarten, LOL!

There you have it folks...I will be posting the annual Spooktacular Giveaway and Halloween/Fall Exchange details, so get ready for it :-)...until then...

Happy Stitchin'

Thursday, July 10, 2014

So Sorry!!

I apologize for being such an absentee blogger of late...I am spending the majority of my time these days keeping up with all the wonderfully prim fun going on with the Prim Stitchers Society FB Group! But, I hate that I haven't visited with all of, I am going to catch up on all your recent blog posts and try to share a bit of my own news as well.

I haven't been stitching much actually, but I did manage to design and stitch up a little partiotic freebie for the FB group...
America 1776 Freebie
It was such a fun little piece and stitched up super quick!

And that's it for my recent stitching news...but, I have been busy as a bee with dyeing and staining up fabrics for stitching :-) I even had some lovely snaps to share, but my stupid cell phone ate them!! I will try to take some new ones this evening and edit this post tonight. It was a lot of fun playing with all that fabric, and I love how they all turned out.

Oh! I almost forgot...we hosted a fabric exchange on the FB page and I received four gorgeous packages. This bundle of sweet goodies came from Dee Brewer...thank you so much, Dee!! I just love the colors of that fabric, don't you??  And those scissors and the Whitman's tin are perfect for me :-) But, the best part is that awesome little rectangular frame...this is the frame used for the "Wicked" freebie that Lisa Roswell offered years ago and they are getting very hard to find this is an AWESOME surprise gift. April Mechelle had already gifted me the freebie design, so now I can stitch it up and wear it for Halloween :-) Sadly, the other exchange pictures I wanted to share were lost by FB...I amnot having very good luck with my photos lately, am I??
Fabric Exchange from Dee
Uhmmm, I guess that's all I've got for today...hope all is well with you and yours! Off to do a little blog reading...well, a lot of blog reading really :-)

Happy Stitchin'

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Be sure to visit Parsley for a chance to win her awesome giveaway!! She is celebrating her phenomenal achievement of passing the EMT exam and becoming a real life hero :-)  Thank God for people like her and her husband who selflessly learn to take care of those who are injured or dying...what a wonderful calling in life. SO PROUD OF YOU MY FRIEND!!!!

Parsley's giveaway is going on now at her blog...get yourself over there and join in the fun!!
Lovely project bag
 Busy cleaning the studio and stitching a commission piece that I am seriously overdue on...hope you had a wonderful July 4th celebration with family and friends. I'll be catching up on all your postings and leaving some comments throughout the week...hope to have an update for you by the end of the week myself :-) Until then...

Happy Stitchin'

Friday, July 4, 2014


America 1776 Freebie~dixiesamplar
PSS Exclusive

Hope you have a safe and fun-filled July 4th celebration!!

Happy Stitchin'

Monday, June 16, 2014

They're Baaaack!!


Well, my bluebirds and *****robins***** are anyway...still no sign of my hummingbirds! Sure do miss them too! We have two nests right nest is in the bluebird house with two eggs ready for hatching :-)
Bluebird eggs

And Robin nest is in my fern on the the front porch...we had one baby hatch yesterday with four more eggs to go! He is so ugly, he's cute, LOL!**********Two baby robins now*************
Robin eggs and baby

Had Mara Jane for the day Saturday and spent the whole day in the pool having a blast!! Yesterday, Lynn & I worked around the yard, planting flowers, moving birdfeeder and birdhouses, and reorganizing the porch and patio, very little stitching was accomplished over the weekend! Here is my progress on the sweet Civil War Needlebook SAL I hosted on the PSS group's FB page. This is such an easy and fun stitch...thanks to Nan Lewis of Threadwork Primitives for reissuing this lovely kit for us!!!

If you want to join the PSS FB group to see what we are all up too, just click the link in the top right column, then click the "join group" button. It's a great group of talented stitchers and designers, with tons of pictures, freebies, regional get-togethers, stash enhancement, and an up-coming stitch-in and retreat!

This week should be a quite and relaxing week...with lots more stitching, I hope :-) Until later...

Happy Stitchin'

Friday, June 13, 2014

New Page to Share

Howdy folks!! I have finally added the "Home Renovation" page for your viewing pleasure!! No stitching to share at the moment, but I have a few pieces on the finishing list :-)

Hope you are doing well in your neck of the woods...and getting in lots of stitching time :-) Until later...


Friday, May 30, 2014

Stitching Drought due to Baby Flood...and More!!

Wow, I really have been a bad blogger!! So sorry I haven't been as diligent at posting as before...but, I'm back :-) and with lots to share!

I haven't been stitching much because I have so busy crocheting baby blankets for four families who have welcomed or are welcoming babies to their broods...this is the progress on number two.
Chevron baby blanket
girlybunches tutorial
Copper is about five to six weeks now, so I really need to finish this up tonight! I still have one due for a girl in June and another for a boy in July...they were all back to back, so it left me no time to cross stitch something like I usually do. I really hope that the families will like the blankets just as much :-)

As you know, I started a Prim Stitchers FB group...well, I don't know if that was such a good idea or not, LOL! Between all the lovely finishes people are posting and all the gorgeous prim designs our designers are sharing, I spend all my time reading the page and ordering more stash...see what I mean!!
Threadwork Primitives
LOVE Nan's designs!!

Primitive Stitchin'
New found in love with her designs too!!

Top L to R: "Needleworker's Sampler ~ WTN&T
"Summer at Holly Berry Farm" ~ Stacy Nash
"Time for Halloween" ~ WTN&T
"In Full Glory" ~ BBD
"Patriotic Poppies" ~ WTN&T

L to R: "My Name is Lydia" ~ Stacy Nash
"Mother's Day" ~ BBD

New GAST overdyed thread colors:
Walnut, Black Licorice, Loganberry, and Amethyst
and more CC Pea Pod (one of my fave olive greens)

And, of course, I have to have prim linen to stitch all these gorgeous designs on, so I have been busy as a bee with fabric dyeing/staining...

I love how these turned out!! We are having a fabric exchange on the group page, so some of these will be exchange items for some lucky partner :-) Hope they like them, LOL!

What little stitching gets done is for a commissioned piece a co-worker wants for her grand-daughter who has recently begun to stitch herself...I got the chance to meet and talk with Marlene a few weeks ago, and she is an absolute doll...and a very old soul :-) She  is very intelligent, witty, and extremely conscientious about the world around her...she even researched and elected to be a vegetarian at the young age of nine (I think)! I am so happy to create something especially for her and hope that she has many, many wonderful and enjoyable years of stitching. I wish I had a picture of her; maybe grandma can get a pic of her and her birthday present in a few weeks :-)

I am finally beginning to enjoy my summer break from school...and, I've even been in the pool a few times. Summer stitching plans will kick off this weekend, God willing :-); so, I hope to have lots to share in the coming weeks/months. Wishing all of you oodles and oodles of summer stitching time as well...and can't wait to see all your updates and pictures of your progress. Until later...

Happy Stitchin'