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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


 I will be posting a list of those who are participating on the exchange blog page in just a bit...please check to see if your name is there; if not, please email me right away to get things corrected.

I will be selecting partner names this afternoon and sending the information to each of you via email by midnight tonight. Exchange kicks off tomorrow, friends!!!!

P.S. We have over 50 participants this year...almost double from last year's!!


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's a Small World After All!!

I had the coolest experience yesterday, y'all!! Well, it actually started back in 2011...I was gifted a beautiful sampler that a friend found at a yard sale for $ may remember me posting here about it.
When I got it, the poor thing was a bit of a mess...masking tape nearly melted along the edges, yellowing from age and exposure, and it smelled of cigarettes! But, it was still a lovely piece of work and seemed to have personalizations by the stitcher herself. So, I decided that I would find her and return her sampler if she wanted it back. Well, after hours of internet and Ancestry searches, I finally tracked down her daughter...but, she was having none of me, LOL...I think she thought I was a crackpot, LOL! Once I knew they didn't want it returned, I decided to clean it up, frame it, and give it a special spot in my own, I got all that tape gunk off, gave it a tea-bath, and had it professionally framed at my local Michael's. It turned out even better than I expected and it now hangs directly over my bed  :-)

Now, you would think that the story ends here...but, you'd be wrong, LOL! I also decided that I wanted to stitch my own version using my father's family information. See, in my research, I found out that the initials you see in black are actually deceased family, it is a sign of rememberance and respect for the dearly departed. But, I first had to find out how to get the design chart!!
So, I posted about the search on my blog...and do you know that I had an answer within an hour!!! Yep, dear Joanne Ambrose stepped up to tell me that the chart was actually a reproduction by Jean R Farish...but, it was OOP!!! How distressing!! But, wait a minute...Joanne would be happy to let me borrow the chart to stitch the sampler. Well, you know I jumped on that :-)! 

The day the chart arrived in my hot little hands, I happy danced all over the house...the repro is lovely, but the original sampler is STUNNING...and it resides in Jean's personal collection!! It is actually a beloved family heirloom for her daughters from their father's family!
"Jannet Irving" Original

"Jannet Irving" Reproduction
Jean Farish Needleworks
So, I got busy pulling the called for DMC threads and the Aida...well, the more I pulled the more I thought...why not use linen and silks?! Soooo, I color matched ALL the DMC (egads) and chose WDW 40 count Straw for my own version! Now, this was LONG before I started dyeing my own fabrics...but, I have lots of colors that would be perfect complements to the thread colors used in the design. Anyway, I got a good start on my stitching...and made great progress on the border of strawberries, vines, and leaves...then, everything came to a screeching HALT! I have not touched it since :-( I even returned the chart to Joanne, since I knew I wasn't going to get back to stitching it for quite a while.
"Jannet Irving"
My lack of progress ;-)
Well, now that I finished that blasted Master's Program, I wanted to get back to stitching it...but, hated to ask her to send it back. So imagine my surprise when I saw a post by Jean yesterday saying that she had found my original post in her search for information about the building in her design...I was so excited!! I PMd her right away and asked her to call me to talk about the sampler...and she did :-)! We talked for quite a while, and she told me that she was in the middle of reproducing the chart for the pattern in PDF and printed form...and it would be finished by the end of the day ;-) So, guess what I did first thing this morning?? Yep, I purchased the printed chart so I can finally get this little beauty stitched and hanging for all to see!!!

But, that is not the end of this story! You see, back in 1994, I attended my first retreat, "Spirit of Cross Stitch" festival, with a new friend who wanted to learn to stitch...and guess who was hosting this awesome event?? You better believe it...Ms. Jean Farish!!! And, I got to meet her too!!! As a matter of fact, it is Jean and her retreats that gave me all the awesome pointers on what does and does not work for a retreat and guided me as I planned and hosted the PSS retreat this year :-) She was a mentor to me then, and she didn't even know it, LOL!
So, take a gander at these lovely pictures and rush over to get your own chart! And be watching for the perfect piece of linen on Sunday night to create your own gorgeous piece of artwork!

Checkout Jean's blog, etsy, and FB pages for more interesting information and beautiful designs!!

You can find my Sunday night fabric sales at!/dixiesamplarhanddyedfabrics
Happy Stitchin'

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Gifting a Friend

Hey, hey, hey blogging friends...I finally have a finish to share, wooohooo!!

This is one of Threadwork Primitives'/Nan Lewis' recent designs that I found some time to stitch up and finish into a stitcher's box...
"My Work"
Threadwork Primitives
It is actually winging its way to a very dear person who has been such a strong supporter and mentor of both the PSS group and my fabric business...the fact that she has become a dear friend is just icing on the cake! I did select my own thread colors, as I wanted a different look...I used the lace that I found in my grandmother's sewing box after she passed away as the finishing touch.

Inside view
I lined the inside top and bottom with some coordinating fabric that I had tea-stained, as the recipient is a Prim lover. Sure hope she likes it and gets some great use out of it :-)

Busy working on another gift that needs to go out, so I hope to have a few more photos to share next go around :-)

It is also time to start our Haunted Harvest Exchange...I will be posting details about that on Aug 1st, so be watching if you are interested in participating!!

Off to get some PSS Retreat planning accomplished...

Happy Stitchin'

Monday, June 29, 2015

Hi blogging friends!!! I am so happy to be back to regular ole' blogging again :-) I sure have missed chatting with y'all and sharing finishes and ideas!!

All fabric business will now be conducted ONLY on the FB business page at

Here, you will only find fun exchanges, tempting charts, the newest gadgets, and my recent (if any) finishes :-), it will be no-business as usual around these parts :-)

So...just to catch you up on my needlework goings on...

Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farms had a model sale a few weeks ago and I snagged these little beauties to add to my studio collection...aren't they fabulous??

You can find her patterns here!

I have also been travelling a bit over the summer! My son and his family are headed overseas for a number of years, so I went out to visit them one last time...and of course, I could not pass up the opportunity to visit the LNS while I was there :-) Knots~N~Needles, in Boosier City, LA, is a spectacular little shop with the nicest and most helpful staff around!!

They have 5-6 rooms chockful of all the wonderful needleworks charts, fabrics, threads, and thing-a-ma-bobs we all love to drool over, LOL! Just look at all the awesome stash I came away with...

Guess I better call it a night...need to catch up on my beauty sleep...and I need ALL I can get, LOL!

Happy Stitchin'